The New York Times has the high school music class closed for the day

High School Musical’s final performance on Friday was canceled because of a teacher shortage.In a letter to parents on Thursday, Principal David McEachern said the show had run its course, and the school had “no other option than to cancel the performance.”He also said that the district was “concerned about the impact the cancellation of

How to measure your high school football score

The Iowa Board of Education announced on Tuesday that it will not be awarding $25,000 to high school coaches for the 2019 season, after its board voted last month to rescind a $2 million grant from the state’s Office of Student Services.“The Board of Trustees has determined that we cannot award this funding to the

When a tornado touched down in a public school in Mesa, California, schools were shut down for days

The tornado hit in the Mesa public school district, leaving students and staff stranded at their school in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, but they’re all back on the job now, officials said on Monday.Schools in the San Gabriel Unified School District in the El Cajon area of Los Angeles County were shuttered

How to keep your school open through summer school closures

By Sarah Jaffe, The HillAgency: Office of the Superintendent of Public InstructionBureau: Office on Children and FamiliesExecutive Summary:This guidance is a summary of the State’s policy on school closures through the summer.The State’s School Closures Policy is meant to keep children safe from harm and to help them learn new skills.It applies to school districts,

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Probably Go to School

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How to find a great barber if you don’t want to travel, study abroad or spend a week in the US

If you’re not looking to travel and/or study abroad, you can find a barber or cosmetologist in your area.Here’s how.The best places to find barbers, cosmetologists, and stylists are:For barbers:Check the barber schools listed on our list of top barber, cosmologist, and beauty salons.Find out what classes they teach, and what their locations are, on

School district in Louisiana opens online classes in 2018

DURHAM, N.C. — The Dursley School District in southern North Carolina is offering online classes starting in 2018, the school district announced Tuesday.The district announced the new online offerings during its fourth annual Technology Summit on Tuesday.The district has already offered online classes through its Mobile Application Developer Conference program.The new online classes include two-day

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