When Cherry Creek School Closed, Its Parents and Teachers Will Still Get to See It

The cherry creek public school district reopened its doors to students Thursday, allowing them to return to their classrooms after a six-month layoff.The Cherry Creek Elementary School reopened to its regular schedule Thursday, with classes continuing at the Cherry Creek Public School.The district is expecting to receive nearly 1,000 students, but teachers say there will

Why Cherry Creek School District has cancelled all summer vacation due to water crisis

Chery Creek School district has cancelled the all-year-round summer vacation scheduled for students from June to September as the water crisis in the state worsens.The school district has announced the end of the summer vacation on Monday and said all schools would be closed from Tuesday to Saturday.A total of 19 schools across the district

Cherry Creek Schools Cancellation Leaves Parents Angry, Students Angry

In October, Cherry Creek School District, the second largest school district in Wisconsin, cancelled classes for the next two weeks in an effort to restore “school spirit” following a rash of recent suspensions.The district announced in late October that it would be suspending all students in grades K-3 until May 31.Many parents of Cherry Creek

How to find a new school to take in the fall: The new school of choice

A new school for the next generation of high school students is about to open up in the cherry creek school districts of Cherry Creek and Cedar Rapids, but it’s not quite what you’d expect.The new Cherry Creek School District in southern Minnesota is being renamed the Cherry Creek Valley School District after a school

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