How to earn high school points in Cherokee County Schools

Cherokees High School students can earn high marks in their Cheroke County Schools test by taking their singing to a new level.The Cherokese school system is currently ranked as the third best in the country in terms of student achievement, behind only the University of California Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon.This year, the Cherokish High School

PA schools reopen, but parents still concerned

PA schools have reopened and many families are back in school after the closure of a school, but some parents still have questions about the shutdown.The Pennsylvania Department of Education said Monday it would reopen and maintain the schools that have been closed, but that some families were still concerned about the closings and could

What is a boarding school?—What’s the difference between a charter and a charter school?

With school funding in the red, parents are looking for alternatives, and it’s the work of the Internet and social media that’s leading to the proliferation of online charter schools.But the work isn’t without challenges: A 2014 National Science Foundation report found that “fewer than 1% of states have a formal, publicly funded public charter