When schools close: Why do some have to shut down?

Schools across the country are closing schools on Wednesday, and some are closing for more than a week, according to school closing notices obtained by The Washington Times.

Some of the closures are happening because of health threats and other reasons.

A school in Michigan is closed for the weekend because of the coronavirus outbreak, but it will reopen Friday.

The closure is being ordered because the school is operating on a short-term schedule, according the notice.

Schools in Texas, Indiana and Florida are also shutting down this week.

Some schools have shut down for more that a week because of coronaviruses, like at the University of Virginia, which closed Monday.

The closures are not the same as closing schools altogether, but some districts are also considering closures to prevent people from attending classes, according an Associated Press report.

Schools are expected to reopen Thursday in several states.

A student at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., waits for classes to resume at the school on Jan. 29.

The campus was closed Tuesday for testing after the school had been closed since July because of a coronaviral outbreak.

Students and faculty at the college were evacuated to a nearby high school and are returning to classes Thursday.

Some students at the small college have been staying at home or staying in hotels.

The school closed Monday because of two coronavides in one week, including one that killed 16 people in Colorado, The New York Times reported.

Other closures are related to flu, the outbreak of a new strain of coronavia virus, a new coronavadirus outbreak in the U.S. and a number of deaths, including at least 12 at a nursing home.

The latest closure was at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., which had been open for classes since July.

Some parents and students have been asking school officials for help to make the school work again, but officials have been reluctant to open the doors.

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