New data suggests that Texas high school graduation rates are actually worse than other states

Daze, TX—A new report shows that the graduation rate for Texas high schools has plummeted to only 42.4% from 56.2% over the last few decades.

While that might not seem like a huge drop, it’s a major setback for the state’s public schools.

According to the report, Texas’ graduation rate has plummeted from 63.9% in 2016 to just 37.9%, which is about what you’d expect for the Lone Star State.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Texas.

The state still has a very high rate of school completion, with a graduation rate of 73.7%.

The report also notes that the state still gets about one out of four students into college.

However it is important to note that this statistic is only for students who graduated high school, and it does not include the students who were placed into special education or foster care after the end of the school year.

Still, the report says that Texas is one of the top-performing states when it comes to school achievement, and the graduation rates from schools with high graduation rates also appear to be trending up.

The report comes from the Higher Education Research Institute, which is a nonprofit that helps universities better research the causes of graduation and retention.

The institute said that the Texas graduation rate is the highest in the nation, but that the drop in the number of students graduating each year is a result of a number of factors.

One of those factors is the cost of attending high school.

According the report: The cost of tuition and fees has increased by $7,000 over the past decade and increased more than fourfold from 2000 to 2014.

Tuition and fees also have risen faster than median earnings and have risen more than twice as fast as the cost per student of attending a four-year public school.

In 2013, the average cost of a Texas high-school diploma was $27,732, while the average annual cost of attendance was $20,988.

By 2024, tuition and fee costs will have increased by nearly two-thirds, and average attendance will rise by nearly half a million students.

The Texas graduation rates dropped from 51.3% in 2017 to 42.5% in 2019, and then jumped back to 56.3%.

The Texas average graduation rate remains at 72.8%.

The University of Texas at Austin is the only school in the state to graduate more students in the past few years than it did in 2017.

The university announced this week that it had surpassed 1 million students, and there are still many more to come.

The number of first-time students enrolled at the university increased by 6.5 million in 2018, and is expected to grow by 9.3 million by 2021.

For students who have graduated, however, graduation rates remain low.

According a recent report from the College Board, Texas still has only a 42.6% graduation rate.

It’s the lowest in the country.

There are several reasons for this, the College Bar Association said in its report on graduation rates.

One is that Texas still gets a large share of its students from high-income families, which can lead to high graduation levels.

The second is that many students who are eligible for Pell Grants and other financial aid programs are not graduating, leaving students with few resources for future college.

Finally, the number and size of high schools that students attend can be difficult to predict, so the report also points to other factors that contribute to low graduation rates, such as lack of financial aid, low attendance and a lack of preparation.

However in the end, the data does not prove that Texas has a poor graduation rate, and more education for the high school population could help the state reach its goals.

However the Texas public school system faces some tough challenges as it tries to cope with rising enrollment.

Texas is home to about 20,000 public school students, many of whom attend public schools that don’t have the same resources or facilities that public schools have.

The high school enrollment in the Lone Stars state is expected in the tens of thousands this year, and even then, it is expected that the enrollment will grow significantly in the next few years.

The graduation rate does not tell the whole story.

A study by the American Council on Education found that Texas’ high school dropout rate is even higher than that of many other states.

The authors of the study also noted that students from low-income households often struggle to pay for school and graduate, so they are often not getting the help they need.

Still it’s important to remember that Texas graduates a lot of students, which means that they have a lot more students to teach them.

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