Alyssa Milano to host NBC Nightly News – WOIO – WJZ – CBS New York

New York, NY – WNEW – NBC Nightleyn News anchor Alyssas Milano is joining NBC NightLY News on Wednesday, April 6, 2018.

Milano will report live from the studios in New York City, as well as in Philadelphia, where she will report from the studio in New Jersey.

NBC News anchors are required to report live on the air as well.

Alyssaa Milano was recently named a ‘WOWY’ alum by the organization.

Milan will report directly from the NBC studio in NYC.

Milani will also report live in Philadelphia.

NBC is now offering a $250,000 ‘WNYC’ Scholarship to those graduating from culinary school, and a $200,000 Scholarship to the first graduating culinary school graduate in 2018.

The $250k Scholarship is awarded to students graduating from Culinary Arts High School in New Haven, CT, in 2019.

The first graduating Culinary Art High School graduate will be announced later this week.

The scholarship is in addition to the $250K in scholarships that will be available in the coming months.

Milana, who is the daughter of chef David Milano, was one of the first female chefs to serve as host of NBC Nightlies.

A special thanks to our sponsors for making this possible!

Alyssamia Milano (@AlyssaMilano) April 6.2019Milano will become the 10th anchor to host the NBC Nightline.

This is her second time hosting Nightly.

She previously hosted the show from 2009 to 2016.

Milaman joined Nightly as a news anchor in 2014.

A longtime food and lifestyle reporter, Milano previously served as anchor of the CBS Evening News.

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