The Lads in the Hamptons, by Stephen King

When I was a kid, I went to school.

My friends and I were always out dancing and I remember our friends and family asking me why I was going to school on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I’d always said, I don’t know, because I was really shy and I wasn’t the smartest kid.

So they’d ask me, why are you going to the Hampton?

And I’d say, Well, because it’s so expensive and I want to be able to go to a school I like, and then they’d say to me, Well what’s your favorite dance?

And it was so cute that I wanted to go too.

So I was always, like, I’m not really into dance.

I’m into my dad, who was into music, and I was into my mom.

And I was just kind of like, well, I like going to dance, and my dad said, Well you know what, if you like dancing, go dance, so I went dance with him and he got me a band.

And it turned out that dancing was a really good way to get through school and I’m so proud of that.

I went back to school this summer and I did really well, but I don’ know if I ever wanted to be a musician, you know?

I was already into a band and I started to get into the theater, and the only time I went into the theatre was for my father’s birthday.

So we did the dance for him at his birthday party, and when I got there, my father was sitting in the front row, and it was his birthday, and he’s like, Are you really going to go dance for your dad?

And the first thing he said to me was, You know, I have a little girl who I’m going to give her a lesson.

I had a little boy, and so my father started to say, How’s your dance?

So I said, What do you want me to do?

And he was like, Dance for my birthday, so we did it.

And when I was little, my mother was the one who gave me the lessons and it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be the music teacher for the Little League team in the Bronx.

And now I’m the music instructor.

And so when you hear my name, you think of my voice and you think about my dad and you look at my dad’s name, it’s not like you think it’s a coincidence.

And then you think, Well how could he be that good of a musician?

But then you realize that it is what it is.

And you know, my parents were good, they were loving people, they worked hard, they gave me everything they had.

So that’s what it was.

But what I didn’t realize is that my father had a lot of other interests.

He was a painter and he had a painting studio.

He had a photography studio.

And he made his living making paintings and taking pictures.

He made it a living to make paintings and take pictures.

So you know I guess I just didn’t see myself as the only musician in my life.

And what he taught me about music, I learned from my father.

And as far as being an instrumentist and a singer and being an actor, I think that it was taught to me in the same way, like it was something that my dad taught me in his studio, and that’s why I got so good at it, because my father taught me how to make music and how to play the guitar and how much fun I had making music.

And that’s all my dad was trying to teach me was how to enjoy life.

So what I did when I came back to New York, I decided that I was gonna make music, because that’s where I belonged, and because I’m a musician and that was my life, so why not try to make it work?

So after my first record, which was called Little Red Dress, which is my first album, I did a song called The Red Dress and I think it was called The Devil’s Dance.

And the lyrics of that song are really interesting.

It’s like the song that you sing at your wedding, where you go to your bridal shower, and you do this, and your guests, they say to you, What’s up, you’re the Devil, you don’t even know what the word is.

You’re just like, What?

And you just do this thing.

And your wife’s like yeah, I know.

But the song itself is about me.

It has an intro and outro.

And in the middle, there’s this little song, and there’s something like a dance in the background, and this little guy walks by, and all these little kids are just dancing to this song.

And this little girl goes, That

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