How to get an appointment with your doctor when you get sick

AUSTIN, Texas — An emergency room nurse in Collier County has a plan to help her patients avoid getting sick, and it may just save their lives.

The nurse is calling it the “Collier County Hospital Plan,” or COHP, and she’s using it to help people with their COHBP, the Collier, Texas, nurse group said on its website.

The plan, called the Colliers Collier COHPP, is designed to be a safe place for people to come in and get help.

“We’re calling it COHP because it’s a plan that includes health care workers, nurses, and other health care professionals who are prepared to be there for people that are having problems that are coming up,” said Cora Cooper, a nurse and the COHP’s director.

“It is a plan in place to keep people safe,” Cooper added.

The Collier county nurse’s COHMP plans include:A person can visit the nurse if they have a health care related emergency.

They can get help in getting treatment and being monitored.

The nurse can also talk to other health professionals about how to stay healthy, including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and more.

The COHP also encourages people to call 911 if they’re concerned about their health.

The county nurse said the plan has worked well for her.

“If you’re a nurse, or anyone that is involved in health care, and you’re worried about your health, you can reach out to our COHP team,” she said.

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