How to find the best schools in your area

In the last 20 years, the average school has grown from a small group of students, mostly in suburban areas, to a group of roughly 30,000 students in the suburbs.

The growth has been aided by the development of high-tech schools in many areas, including in the Northeast.

But a new study by the National Association of Secondary School Principals suggests that the growth of suburban high schools is also creating an educational gap in some communities.

Researchers from the association surveyed 5,000 elementary and middle school principals in 15 states and examined how they plan to deal with the increase in students in those communities.

The results, which are due out in the fall, showed that principals in communities with a high school population of more than 500 students or more than 20 percent of students at the middle or high school were much more likely to focus on school closings and more likely than those in communities where there are fewer than 500 pupils to plan to close their schools altogether.

The study also found that principals who are also working on a school closure plan in a community where there is a high percentage of students in high school are more likely and more willing to consider an outside consultant on closing their school.

The principal who was the most willing to consult with outside consultants is the principal who has the least control over the school closure, according to the study.

“This is the same principal that has the lowest turnover in her school, so the principal that can’t close her school and who doesn’t have the resources to manage a district is likely to have the lowest school closers in her community,” said Elizabeth Smith, a principal from the Los Angeles area.

“The principals that can manage a school, they have the ability to move the students around, but they don’t have to.”

The study is based on principals’ responses to a survey administered by the association in which they were asked to identify their top three priorities for closing their schools.

It found that most principals listed their top priority as increasing student retention and improving student achievement.

But the study found that the top priorities in many suburban high school districts are much more similar to the priorities of high school principals than those of middle and high school officials.

In the Northeast, for example, the top priority for principals was closing schools to make room for students in suburban high Schools.

In fact, just 19 percent of principals in the 10 states with the highest percentage of suburban students were willing to work with outside consultant consultants on closing schools.

In Connecticut, that number was 20 percent.

In contrast, in some of the states with high school populations of more then 500 students, the majority of principals listed the top three priority as closing schools and increasing student attendance.

In Virginia, for instance, 83 percent of the principals listed those two priorities.

“The results are striking and troubling, given the importance of student achievement in the United States,” said Michael Gorman, executive director of the National Organization of Secondary Education Principalities.

“When the school year starts, students are moving into schools, learning, learning and learning.

We need to make sure that our schools are safe and welcoming for all students.

Closing schools can only serve to hurt students’ learning and their learning outcomes, and these principals’ answers to the survey provide further evidence of the dangers of closing schools.”

To learn more about the study and how principals can prepare for the changes that are coming to their districts, contact the National Alliance for Secondary Education.

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