How to measure your high school football score

The Iowa Board of Education announced on Tuesday that it will not be awarding $25,000 to high school coaches for the 2019 season, after its board voted last month to rescind a $2 million grant from the state’s Office of Student Services.

“The Board of Trustees has determined that we cannot award this funding to the Iowa State High School Football Coaches Association, the Iowa High School Coaches Union, the Midwestern High School Athletic Association, or the Mid-South High School High School Coach Association,” the board said in a statement.

The move was expected to come as a blow to the coaches association, which had been hoping to collect the $25-million grant, but also to the state athletic department, which will need to pay for it if the school coaches association doesn’t qualify for that funding.

“It’s disappointing to the students and families in our district,” Iowa State football coach Chad Morris said.

“They had the opportunity to be involved with high school sports, and we didn’t get the chance.

It’s sad, and it’s disappointing.”

The Iowa High Schools Association, which was founded in 2012, said it had hoped to collect $50,000 of the $250,000 the state awarded for coaching scholarships and other sports-related support.

But the state board rejected that plan, saying it had to prioritize athletic programs over financial aid.

The decision came after an outcry from the coaches’ union, which called the award a betrayal of the wishes of its members.

“I thought the best thing to do was to just let it go,” said Iowa State coach Chad Moran.

“We’re going to continue to have an opportunity to compete at the highest level, and to have the best coach on the field.

But it’s also going to take more time and energy to get our players on the court.””

If the Iowa Board is going to allow this to happen, it must be a done deal,” Iowa High Sports Association President Tom Smith said.

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