Denver Public Schools open new high school for transgender students

The Denver Public School district has opened its first high school specifically for transgender youth in the state.

The district has about 100 students and plans to add more by the end of the year.

“We are working hard to bring more transgender students into our school, but this is the first high-quality high school dedicated to them,” district spokeswoman Stephanie Miller said.

The school is one of two opened for transgender high school students in Colorado by the Denver Unified School District.

The other is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has about 70 students.

In December, the Denver School Board adopted a resolution declaring that transgender students in public schools should be treated with dignity and respect.

Miller said that the district’s decision to open the new school was inspired by the passage of a bill last year that prohibits discrimination in public places based on sexual orientation.

“I think it was a matter of time until it happened,” Miller said of the school opening.

The state’s civil rights law, which requires schools to treat students equally, was adopted in 2014, and it was adopted unanimously by the state Legislature last year.

The new school is in the same building as a high school, which was also opened last year, and is not considered a high-performing school.

The school has already been used as a classroom by students, who have shared their stories with parents about their experiences.

“This is a place where you can be who you are and where you’re going to get support from your peers,” said Hannah Johnson, a sophomore at the school who is transgender.

Johnson said she had been to the school a few times as a transgender student and had always been accepted.

But now, she said, she was feeling a little more alone.

“The school, especially now, is a lot different than it used to be,” Johnson said.

“They’re not a safe space anymore.”

The new high-school, which will be called the Transgender Student Center, is located at 5100 North Meridian Avenue in Denver.

It will have a student body of about 60 students, and the school will offer transgender services, including a bathroom and locker room, and health care services, such as health screenings.

Miller said that while the district will work with students and staff to educate them about transgender issues, it will also offer “a safe space for all students” to discuss their experiences and learn about other transgender students.

The new school will be in the school district’s main campus, which is located in the district office building.

The district said it has already started to implement its policy regarding transgender students, including providing a safe environment for transgender people to transition, including through changing clothing and changing the names of those who do not identify as transgender.

“As we begin the process of implementing the new policy, the district is taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach to addressing this new challenge and working collaboratively with all our stakeholders to ensure the school is a welcoming and safe space where transgender students can feel safe and welcome,” Miller wrote in an email to the Denver Post.

The Denver School District is one the most diverse districts in the country.

It is home to about 6.3 million students.

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