How to get to Mount Vernon High School in 10 minutes

In just 10 minutes, you can drive from the Washington, D.C., suburbs to Mount St. Mary’s High School.

The fastest way to reach Mount Vernon high school is by taking a ferry ride from D.c. to New York City.

But if you don’t want to go that far, you might as well head straight for Mount Vernon.

There are two high schools located just over a mile from Mount Vernon on the Long Island Sound.

In order to get there, take a ferry from the Nassau Bridge to Long Island, then follow the Nassae Bridge.

It takes about 1.5 hours and takes you straight to Mount Saint Mary’s.

This is where you’ll want to head on Friday, August 15.

The ferry to Mount Marys will be from the Long Beach Harbor Ferry Terminal in Long Beach, California.

From there, you’ll need to transfer to the Longboat Key Bridge.

The bridge is about 1,200 feet wide, with a steep grade.

After transferring, the bridge will lead you to the footbridge that connects the Nassabagoes Ferry Terminal to the St. George Ferry Terminal.

You’ll need a boat ticket to the island, and there’s a good chance that you’ll be given one as you approach Mount Saint Joseph’s.

If not, the ferry to St. Joseph’s is a little faster, but you’ll have to take the Nassabe Bridge.

From the Nassabi Bridge, you will head straight to the beach, and from there, it’s a short hike to the high school. 

You’ll also need to pay a toll of $1.75 per person, but this can be avoided by purchasing a one-way ticket at the ferry terminal.

Once you arrive at Mount Saint Joe’s, you may see a bus stop and walk towards the school.

From here, you should get to the front of the school, and the walkway will lead to the building. 

When you enter the building, the entrance will be in the center of the building with a large metal door, and you’ll find the classroom and the cafeteria. 

The classroom is used for both English and Math classes. 

For those who want to take a walk, you have the option of going down the stairwell from the first floor.

The staircase is only about 1/2 of a mile away, and it will take you to your classroom. 

From there, there is an elevator that will take your to the second floor. 

In the middle of the second-floor classroom is the school library.

It’s a small building with only about 3,000 books and a few chairs.

There are a few bookshelves around the room, but these will not last you long. 

Head to the third floor for the cafeteria, and then to the fourth floor, where you will find the dining room and the gymnasium. 

After you get to your classes, you want to leave. 

Once you leave the school and your car is parked, you walk down the hall to the parking lot.

Head up the stairs to the left of the parking garage.

Follow the signs to the right, and head to the middle parking lot for a large field with a tennis court. 

Here, you must leave your car there. 

It’s not easy to leave a car there, but there is a sign that states that it’s not allowed to leave behind your car. 

There is also a sign on the right side of the road that says that you must not park on the street or drive on the driveway. 

If you do not leave your vehicle in the parking area, it will be towed. 

Parking can be tricky, as there are signs on both sides of the street that say that you have to stay parked. 

On the other hand, there are also signs that state that you are allowed to park on any of the sidewalks. 

One of the best places to park is in the rear of the house.

If you park in the driveway, you won’t have to worry about having to get out of your car to park in front of your house. 

To get to and from the school’s gymnasia, you’re going to need to take one of the two ferry boats.

One boat is going to be located just off the shore of Long Island.

The other is going down to Long Beach.

Mount Saint Josephs High School is located at 1240 Route 37, and takes about 45 minutes to drive from Washington, DC to Long Islip, New York.

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