How to keep your school open through summer school closures

By Sarah Jaffe, The HillAgency: Office of the Superintendent of Public InstructionBureau: Office on Children and FamiliesExecutive Summary:This guidance is a summary of the State’s policy on school closures through the summer.

The State’s School Closures Policy is meant to keep children safe from harm and to help them learn new skills.

It applies to school districts, charter schools, and all other entities that provide learning opportunities for students.

The policy applies to all school districts in the State, including local school districts and charter schools.

It does not apply to schools in urban or suburban areas, or to school boards that have adopted a policy that applies to schools located within those communities.

School closure orders for the entire State are available in the Office of Public Education’s School Directory.

For information on the Statewide Closure Order, go to

The Governor has set aside $5 million to cover the costs of the enforcement of school closures.

For more information, go online at

The Office of Child and Family Services (OCFS) will also be providing support to families who experience problems with their children’s schools through the Summer Closing School Program.OCFS is responsible for administering the OCLS-funded School Closure Program, which provides grants to local school boards to assist them in preparing for the Summer Closure.

This includes assisting parents, schools, students, and community groups with information, referrals, and resources to help families keep their children safe and healthy during the Summer School Closes.

The state also offers support services for families with questions or concerns about their child’s school, including counseling, job training, and referrals to other services.

For additional information on school closings and closures, visit and click on the “Closings” tab.

More information about the State of Ohio is available at http:

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