How to teach your kids to dance

The dance world has changed dramatically in the last few years, with dance studios across the globe expanding their repertoire.

With that in mind, here are eight tips for teaching your kids how to do it.1.

Have funThe best way to teach dance is by having fun.

There are tons of fun activities to try, from dancing on a boat to running a marathon.

In the classroom, this means teaching by example, and you can start by giving your kids a free hour on the dance floor.

Here are a few tips for how to create a fun, exciting experience:2.

Make a playlistWith this step, you’ll want to make sure your kids have a playlist they can start with.

If you’re not going to make a playlist, it’s important to make one that your kids can listen to at a leisurely pace.

Here’s how:3.

Be a mentorFor a more advanced approach, you can create a playlist with a teacher or teacher coach to keep them engaged.

You’ll also want to use the playlist as a learning tool and help them work through a problem.

Here are a couple of other tips to help your kids get started:4.

Make it funThe last tip is probably the easiest: make it fun.

Here, your kids need to see something that makes them feel good.

This means getting them involved with a challenge that makes their bodies move.

For a more involved dance experience, try giving them a guided dance through a dance class.

Here’s a great dance tutorial to get you started.

If you’re looking for more dance tips, check out our list of the best dance classes.

For more tips, head over to our guide to teaching dance in school.

Follow The Next We’re going to continue covering the most important tips for kids to help them learn the art of dancing in this column.

Check back soon for the next column, where we’ll explore how to teach children how to walk.

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