Denver Public Schools Superintendent Calls for Open Debate on the Curriculum

DENVER—Denver Public Schools superintendent and state superintendent of schools Joe Saldana announced Friday that he would open up debate on the curriculum of the Denver Public School system, with an emphasis on the importance of using science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the classroom.

Saldana, who is also the superintendent of the Colorado Department of Education, said in a statement that “the science, math, and literacy content is one of the most critical elements of learning for our students and will play a critical role in the quality of our education.”

He also called for teachers to be trained in the “science, math and literacy” of the curriculum, which he said will inform their teaching.

“The new curriculum is an opportunity to take a look at how we use our resources to create meaningful learning experiences and make our students more engaged, competitive, and motivated,” Saldanas statement said.

“The public has a right to know how their local school district uses its resources, and we are working closely with educators, district leaders, and community stakeholders to ensure our efforts are being well thought out and aligned with the needs of our students.”

Saldanas announcement comes a day after the superintendent’s announcement that the state would not renew the contract with the Denver-based Public Education Corporation of Denver.

Public Education had been contracted to provide free textbooks and supplies for schools throughout the state, with the goal of delivering the free material to every district by the end of next year.