How to Save Roosevelt High School

School closings in Pennsylvania are expected to increase, with the state’s largest school district, Roosevelt High, in the process of closing the high school to make room for a new high school in nearby Franklin County.

The move follows a string of school closers, with several districts in Pennsylvania and beyond closing for lack of funding and time, according to the Associated Press.

Roosevelt High School will become the site of a new charter school, according the AP.

The news of the closure comes after Franklin County School Board President and Roosevelt High principal Mark J. Foltz wrote a letter to parents last week warning of the closings.

Foltz said the district will need to raise money from private sources to pay for the construction of the new charter schools, which will be located in the same neighborhood as Roosevelt High.

“The school district is also facing an urgent need for new classrooms and space in the district’s existing facilities,” Foltl said.

“In the absence of new classrooms or additional classroom space, we anticipate that we will close the Roosevelt High school in order to complete the renovations and renovations necessary to allow us to offer the new school to students of the Roosevelt high school and all students of Roosevelt High.”

The district said in a statement that it will continue to provide services to students and staff at the Roosevelt School.

In January, the Franklin County Board of Education voted to close Roosevelt High and reopen it in the future.

While Foltls letter made reference to the closure of Roosevelt in the coming months, it is still unknown if the district plans to reopen in the next few months.

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