How a student is being treated for his ‘back to back’ neck injury

Back to school!

A schoolgirl is having her neck reattached after being left with permanent brain damage. 

“My parents were worried,” the teenager, who cannot be named, told the BBC.

“They said: ‘How can we possibly do this for you?'”

“The problem is that we didn’t get the surgery at home, so we went to a doctor in the hospital.

They told us: ‘It’s a back to back neck.'”

He said: “You have two different types of neck, it’s a big neck and it’s smaller than the neck that you have.

You can have the bigger neck, the bigger your neck is, the better your chances of recovery.”

So we have a big back to front neck.

I’m just glad that the surgeon is a good surgeon.””

I’m glad they took the time to do this,” the student said.

“I’m just glad that the surgeon is a good surgeon.”

The boy’s father, who lives in Australia, has been given a free, unrestricted procedure, which means he can take the child out of school for a few days, before he is returned to the school and the procedure can be repeated. 

The procedure is being funded by a local organisation called the Sydney School for Health, which runs the school. 

For the parents of other students at the school, this is another reminder that they can still be at risk of losing their child to the neck injury. 

This is a student with a serious neck injury, but the neck is not a major concern, and so it’s safe to return him to school for now.

The BBC’s Sarah Rainsford reports.

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