How to write better code for your next gig

A bunch of people have tried to solve the problem of what it takes to write code that actually works.

The latest in the space, from Google’s Brad Stone to LinkedIn’s Mark Pincus, is called a “cornerstone algorithm,” and it’s based on a simple, yet powerful concept: The idea that when you write code, it’s best if you break it up into chunks of code that are easy to read.

If you have a simple function that you want to use in a bunch of code, like this one: var myClass = function(){} That’s all it does.

But if you try to do something like this: var foo = {bar: ‘baz’}; var bar = foo(); The resulting code will look a little like this, which shows how the cornerstone algorithm breaks down when you want a single function to do a lot of things at once.

For example, if you wanted to make a simple widget with a color, you’d write: function widget(x, y){return x + y;} The algorithm works well when you’re dealing with single functions like this.

But you want something with lots of different possible functions and options.

This would break if you have to do this: function bar(x){return bar(0, 0);} But the algorithm works great for a function like this; you can just write: bar(50, 50); To break it down even further, you can use cornerstones to create a hierarchy.

In other words, if the algorithm can only think of one possible thing to do at a time, it will have a hard time making sense of the other possible things to do.

A cornerstone is like that, but it only takes a single code path.

For an algorithm to be really good, it should have a lot more of these cornerstones.

So if you want an algorithm that’s good at doing a lot, you need a lot fewer of these.

For instance, the algorithm below, written in Java, only uses a single cornerstone to make it work.

It does the following: function main() { for(var i=0;i<10;i++) { //this code takes 10 lines to implement, so it's a little long var a=new Array(); var b=new HashMap(); //this is just a helper method to create the new Array() a.put(i,a); b.puts(i); } } If you look closely, you'll see the code has a few additional cornerstones: it uses a for loop, to iterate through each of the 10 numbers in a map, it uses the Array() method to get the first element, it takes a HashMap() to iterating over the items in the array, and finally it uses another helper method, for, to create an array of a certain length.

You can see how this code makes sense with a little bit of thought.

Here’s the same code in JavaScript, and in Python, using a few different cornerstones, all in one function: from math import pi,fraction def main(): for i in range(100): print “this is the main loop” for j in range(-100,100): for k in range(‘0’,10): print ‘this is a subroutine’ for l in range([0,i+1],10): if ‘0’ in i+1: for i+’0′ to 10: for k+’+j+’ to 30: print “i is”+i+’ digits long” i=i+2*j+1+i*(l*(i-j)*l+1) if i+0==’0′: for i-1 in range: for j-1,k-1: print ‘i is’+i-1+’digits long’ print “j is”+(j-1)*(j-2)*(k-2) i+=i+j-3 print “k+”+(k-3)*(l-4)*(i+5) print “l+”+(l+4)*i+6 return main() If you’re a programmer who spends a lot time thinking about algorithms, you’re going to be pretty excited about this code.

But the real power comes when you look at the code more closely.

The algorithm above, while a lot shorter, actually uses a lot less code.

For a big program, like the one you’ve just written, you could write this: main() for i,j in range((100,50)) do for k,l in range(“0”,50): print “#{k} is” if i*(j+l)<50: print "#} is not" i+=j*(k*l+l-l) print "#}" i+=(l%50)+" digits long

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