Harvard Medical School Medical School is closing and medical school enrollment is plummeting

Harvard Medical Schools is closing its medical school and all nursing programs, and the nursing students are already planning to leave, a medical school spokesman told The New York Times.

“We’ve been told by the nurses that there are a lot of students who have to leave and we are going to close our programs,” said the spokesman, Michael A. Bickel, who said the announcement was made by President Michael S. Bloomberg.

The announcement came after a year of growing anxiety about the future of the medical school’s nursing programs.

The students have been asking the medical schools leadership for years for an end to the medical students’ program, but no one has been forthcoming.

The Harvard Medical school, which was founded in 1768, has about 3,600 medical students.

The university, which has the second-largest concentration of medical students in the United States, has seen enrollment plummet in recent years, and in 2015-16, its enrollment fell 7.3% to 2,500 students, according to the Harvard Crimson.

“It’s a tough situation,” said Daniel Osterberg, an assistant professor of nursing at Harvard University’s Tufts University School of Nursing.

“There are so many nursing students, so many students who want to be nurses.

It’s a very challenging situation. “

The number of nurses has been declining in the last five to six years, so the students are going away and those students are losing their jobs.

It really is a crisis and a serious problem.” “

What we need is a leadership that is willing to come in and address this crisis.

It really is a crisis and a serious problem.”

The Medical College of Massachusetts has also said it will not renew its contract with the school, a move that has sparked protests from medical schools across the country.

In an interview with CBS News, the college’s president, Dr. Peter G. Pannett, said he would be willing to consider resigning if the medical system “can no longer meet the needs of the population.”

The college has not yet said how many students would be affected by the decision.

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