A public school in Cape Town is getting a $25 million school bus project, and it’s getting some attention from the government

A public transport bus has been unveiled in Cape Street in the heart of the city’s CBD, which is getting some of the country’s biggest public transport projects.

The public bus, called the M20, will be operated by the Bus Rapid Transit Authority (BRTA) and will carry students from the public school to the private school at the end of the day, according to a release from the Cape Town Metropolitan Police Service (CMPS).

The bus will be fitted with LED screens, and the school will have a new entrance and exit.

The BRTA says the bus will reduce the number of school students in the CBD and will help improve the school’s safety.

The M20 will carry 10,000 students and cost $25m.

It is expected to be operational by the end and is expected at the start of 2018.

The BRTA has been awarded the project, which was awarded to a private consortium in October.

It is part of a broader $25 billion public transport project in Cape-West.

The bus was built by the private firm Eversource to replace a previous bus in the district.

The MBTA’s school bus service, which has been in operation since 2004, was replaced in September 2018 after a series of maintenance problems.

The bus was also plagued with problems with battery failures and power outages, including one incident when the power was cut off for more than six hours.

Last year, the school bus company reported that the system had about $15 million in funding and repairs needed.