School’s students say they are being forced to eat ‘chicken’ instead of rice

A school in India is planning to replace rice with chicken instead of regular rice in its primary schools.

Schools in the village of Terendia in West Bengal’s Andhra Pradesh state are expected to be the first in the country to use the new foodstuff in the next few years.

Rajiv Bhakti, the head of the district’s school administration, said: ‘We want to replace the traditional rice which is used for breakfast with chicken.

The rice is already being replaced by chicken.’

He said the new crop will be used in the classrooms by the end of the year and a test for its safety will be run.

Students in Terenda village, about 50km (30 miles) from here, say they have been forced to switch to the new meal for two months.

The villagers, mostly Dalits, have been told by their school officials that the new cereal is better for them.

The school’s principal has not revealed how many children have signed up for the change, but he has assured them that it will be done on a regular basis.

The village has an estimated population of about 2,000.

It is not the first time that rice has been replaced with chicken in India.

In July, India switched to a new food product that uses the new cereals, the KFC brand.

It was sold by the world’s largest fast food chain, and was branded a ‘modern food’ in India, which is seen as a key market for KFC.

Critics of the switch have said the move could have harmful consequences for the environment and human health.

India is now home to about 2.2 billion people and rice has a high calorie content.

Rice is used in many Indian households, and the country is among the world leaders in the production of it.

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