How to become a bartending student in Adelaide

Posted May 08, 2018 14:33:51 There are a lot of options for you to take up bartending at your next dining experience, from attending a culinary school to working at a craft bar.

But you might not want to take the plunge.

In a recent interview with the ABC’s The Drum, Associate Professor John Brown from the University of Adelaide’s School of Culinary Arts, said that many bartending students are looking for “a bit of adventure”, but that they are in a tricky situation.

“They’re looking for something new and challenging, something that’s not just a place to hang out with their friends,” he said.

“You don’t want to be doing things you don’t know anything about, or that you can’t really get to grips with.”

Professor Brown said students needed to find a way to “explore” the world of hospitality in a way that “didn’t feel like you were doing it”.

“They need to understand the nuances of the world around them and not just take on the world and see it,” he told the ABC.

While the industry is thriving in Adelaide, some businesses are warning students that they’re not necessarily safe.””

So when they go and they’ve got a good experience, I think that’s great.”

While the industry is thriving in Adelaide, some businesses are warning students that they’re not necessarily safe.

“We’ve had a number of businesses that have closed up shop because of what they perceive to be unsafe working environments,” Associate Professor Brown said.

“And it’s a little bit of a Catch-22.”

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