What we know so far about the nursing school shooting in Horry County

The school, in the heart of the conservative county of Horry, is the third in a series of nursing schools in England.

The Huddersfield nursing school, a national authority, has had a history of safety concerns.

The school’s principal, Professor Robert Smith, was sacked in 2014 over concerns over his handling of cases.

It is believed he was fired in the wake of a high-profile case of a student being murdered.

Police believe that one student who died from the school’s trauma room, on January 25, 2015, was also at the scene of the shooting.

The student, from a local council area, was not identified until October 2016, after a tip-off from the inquest.

A manhunt for the gunman was launched after the killing.

Police said he had been found hiding in a shed nearby and had left behind a weapon and his mobile phone.

Three months after the incident, a police source said they had “not found a single piece of evidence that could lead us to any lead”.

In July, the head of Hudderfield Hospitals NHS Trust said the school was safe.

“I’m not sure how that’s possible, but that’s the reality of this situation,” Dr Stephen Smith told the BBC.

“We’ve had no incidents here in recent times and the situation at this school is absolutely as it should be.”

The head of the hospital where the student died said he felt “deeply sorry” for the student’s family.

“It is something we are all very sorry about,” he said.

The coroner, Mr Justice Lewis, said there was a “significant number of people involved in the school” and said it was “not appropriate for anyone to speculate”.

The shooting has left two people dead and six others injured.

Two of the wounded are in a serious condition and are in intensive care.

The hospital has said it will be working with the police to identify the gunman.

Huddlerfield Hospices chief executive Sir Michael Murray said the hospital was “absolutely devastated”.

“We are working with our emergency services partners to support them in their search for the suspect,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

“Our hearts go out to the family of the student.”

The hospital said its emergency services team was “doing everything possible” to assist the student.

The shooting is not the first time the Huddlersfield nursing home has been targeted.

In July 2016, a gunman entered the premises in a car and shot four people dead.

The attack was the deadliest mass shooting in England since the massacre at Sandy Hook school in 2012.

A total of 30 people were killed.

The police officer who fired his weapon has since been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Police have not yet said what led to the shooting at the nursing home.