When school closures threaten to ruin a school musical: How to deal with them

Chesapeake Public Schools (CPPS) is planning to shut down its high school musical at the end of the year, according to the school district’s superintendent.

The district will not cancel the popular high school “Chamber Music Festival” due to the shutdown.

“We’re not canceling the festival, we are planning to do something with it,” said district spokeswoman Erin Murphy in an interview on Monday.

“We’re going to do some other activities.”

Murphy said she did not know when the festival would be canceled, but that she hoped it would be at the start of the school year, which begins in April.

She said the district has already received numerous complaints about the festival and that they are working to address those concerns.

Murphy also said she was unsure if the district would cancel the “Chute” musical, which is a children’s dance show and has become an iconic part of the Chesapeake area.

The Chesapeake public school system also is considering other musical options to help support its schools. 

“I’m not going to go into the details on what the other options are yet, but I think we will be doing a lot of other things, like making sure we have a really strong school system and our students have a good education,” Murphy said.

“As we look at all of our options, the one that I think is really important is making sure that the school system is working together to make sure that all the students have an education.”

The festival has attracted more than 500,000 people to the Cheside area each year, and it is a staple in the community.

The school district also runs a large concert series called the “Music Festivals of Chesapeake” that draws hundreds of thousands of people to venues across the region.

The festival has also attracted celebrities, including the late comedian and actor Jon Stewart.

The musical also has been popular with the public, especially with young people.

The district’s plan is to do a “mini” festival to celebrate the end-of-year events, Murphy said, and that the district will do “a lot” of other activities with the festival in the spring.

She did not say what those activities would be, but said that the Cheshire schools district is looking at adding other musical activities, such as a kids’ theater or dance team.

The district is also considering other educational events such as an arts camp, which would provide more resources for children in the district, Murphy added.

Murph said she had not seen the plans for the festival.

She had no comment on what would happen if the school closed for the duration of the festival because of the shutdown, but she did say that the festival was an important part of Cheshire school life and that it would continue. 

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