How to find out if you are a victim of a school closing in New Jersey

A lot of parents are wondering whether they should be worried about their child being able to attend a public school.

The question is, if a school closes in your area, is it a victim?

It depends on where you live, what the closures entail, and how you can protect your child.

The New Jersey Department of Education lists the following as some of the schools that will be closed or closed in New York City, the Bronx, Staten Island, and the Rockaways:A majority of schools in the Bronx will be shuttered, according to a study conducted by the Bronx Education Department.

A school in the city of New York is also closed in Rockaway, a predominantly black neighborhood.

Some of the closings will be for health and safety reasons, and others for financial reasons.

For example, a Bronx school is closing for a $1.5 million budget shortfall.

The closings are for safety reasons because of the number of students in the district, the district says.

The schools will be separated in four groups of seven students each: middle and high school students, high school and pre-K students, pre-primary students, and fourth grade students.

The students will be in different classes.

The closures are to make room for students to be transferred to other schools in other districts, and to allow for additional resources for students who will be transferred from the Bronx to other districts.

The closings were announced last week.

Here’s a breakdown of the closure areas in the New York Metropolitan area:New York City:A public school in Harlem will close for two weeks, from September 12 through September 14.

The school will reopen on October 4.

A public high school in Queens will close its doors for one week, from October 12 through October 19.

The New York Public Library will reopen the same day.

A Bronx high school will close on September 17.

A community college in the community of Prospect Heights will be reopening on October 1.

The Bronx Public Library is also closing on October 3.

The Rockaways will be temporarily closed on September 13.

A community college is also opening at the Rockaway Community College.

A Rockaway elementary school is also going to close on October 15.

The closure of a public elementary school in New Brunswick will be permanent.

The school will remain open, but the community college will have to shut down.

The Rockaways school is in the Lower East Side neighborhood.

The Queens School Board is also planning to close its public elementary schools on September 15.

A private high school is going to shut its doors on September 25.

The schools will reopen after the school year ends.

For a more detailed breakdown of closures, check out the NJDEE report.

This is the first of three parts in a series.

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