Why is Ohio’s K-12 system so terrible?

OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY (AP) The University of Akron is home to the school of Rock and Roll and the School of the Ozarks, where students get their kicks from attending live bands.

But the school is one of the worst-performing in the country in reading, and it has been on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by a parent and a former student over the school’s failure to provide adequate support.

It was also recently rocked by a series of sexual assault allegations against its head football coach.

Now the school has announced it is laying off all 15,000 faculty and staff members.

The layoffs were announced in an email to staff on Monday and would take effect on July 1.

The move is the latest in a string of moves by the school, which has been in the headlines for months over the handling of sexual misconduct allegations.

The Associated Press first reported the layoffs in November.

The school says the layoffs are the result of an ongoing investigation into allegations of misconduct by an assistant football coach, as well as an outside review.

The university says it will hire an outside attorney to handle the investigation.

But some in the community have said the university is being punished for its failings.

One local student group called the layoffs “one of the biggest injustices I’ve ever seen,” and one former student of the school said the school was “killing” its students.

Akron Mayor Mike Duggan has been criticized for being quiet about the situation and has not spoken out publicly.

The students’ lawsuit alleges that the school failed to provide them with adequate academic support, failed to maintain adequate protective measures and failed to have a system in place for students to report sexual harassment.

A series of allegations against the school surfaced last year, when a former assistant coach was arrested and charged with sexual assault.

The charges were later dropped, but the former coach was charged with rape.

Akron University of Ohio President and Chancellor John Hines announced the cuts on Monday, but there were no details on when or if they would take place.

A news release from the school described the cuts as “a major, permanent cut to our campus and its faculty and students.”

A source told the AP that the cuts were “expected to take effect this summer,” but no specific date was given.

The University Of Akron has been under fire for its handling of the sexual assault scandal involving former assistant football head coach Joe Schad.

(AP: Jeff Roberson/AP) In a statement, the university said that the department of human resources is “conducting an independent review of the university’s financial performance and has determined that we have made significant progress in meeting our responsibilities and achieving our goals.

The findings of the independent review are being shared with our faculty and administration, and the university has agreed to provide all the information requested.

The decision to lay off 15,800 faculty and 13,000 staff is not based on any particular finding, but rather reflects the reality that we cannot continue to serve our students effectively without adequate resources and support.”

The university also said that it was “reviewing the impact of its strategic plan and evaluating the impact on the ability of our campuses to support our students and staff in the event that such a plan is not completed.

This review will include the implementation of the plan and the implementation and financial sustainability of it, and will include a number of indicators to assess the effectiveness of the strategic plan in meeting its goals.”

In a blog post, Hines said that while the University of Dayton and Ohio State University have “made significant strides in meeting student expectations and expectations for the quality of education we provide, we remain committed to meeting our students’ needs.

The current campus situation presents a unique set of challenges for the University and its students, and we are committed to providing our students the best possible education.

In addition, the current campus environment presents unique challenges for our student-faculty relationships.

As the university moves forward with our strategic plan, we will continue to work with the university to identify how best to address the needs of our students, faculty and employees.

The steps we are taking will allow us to achieve the highest quality education for our students.

For more, visit the university website.

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