How to be a better dad, by a father from Melbourne’s Hamilton high School

It has been an incredible ride for Kevin Haggerty.

The former footballer has spent the last five years coaching his local boys basketball team, winning the Melbourne Basketball League championship, and being a mentor to the young men.

“I’ve always believed in hard work,” he said.

“It’s not just about being able to make money and enjoy it.”

Being a dad has taught me the importance of being a good father, which has helped me become a better man.

“Mr Haggerties son Jordan, now a senior at a Melbourne secondary school, has taken up his father’s role in coaching his team.”

He’s been amazing, he’s really put a lot of time into me and I love it,” Mr HaggerTY said.

Mr Hagerty said he had to keep his distance from his son, but that he was thankful to him for helping him through.”

He loves the boys and they love him.””

He’s a great dad.

He loves the boys and they love him.”

The most important thing is to support him.

“The family has now grown to about 20 members and their activities have been expanded to include a gym and fitness centre.

Mr. Hager TY said the focus had been on family bonding.”

We’ve been playing sports, we’ve been running, we’re going to the gym,” he explained.”

This is what we want to do and this is how we want it to be.

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