What’s the most famous line in the ’80s? 5 stars

The word ‘loud’ has come to mean the same thing in pop culture as ‘shiny.’

In movies and music, the word ‘shining’ has taken on a different meaning, though not always in a positive one.

Here are five popular songs that have been dubbed ‘louder than hell’ by fans.


The Beach Boys “Sweet Caroline” (1956)”If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that I was the greatest singer in the world, I’d be rich by now.

I’ll tell you why: Because I am the greatest.

It is true, I have been the greatest songwriter ever.

I wrote the songs that you love and love to sing and it’s a miracle that they’re still being played today.

But I don’t care.

I don´t care if they were written by a baby, I didn’t write them to be a baby and now I can tell you they are the greatest songs ever written.

There is no other song that I can think of that would be better than it.

And if you have any doubt about that, just take a look at the title of the song: Sweet Caroline.

It means that I am beautiful and that you are beautiful.

That is the ultimate thing.”

– John Cale, Beach Boys’ manager, on the song’s greatness The Beach Children, whose song “Don’t You Wanna” is one of the songs on “Sweet Caravan,” have credited the Beach Boys for the title.

But the Beach Children are just the latest artists to have their song called ‘lousier than hell.’

The Beatles, who were the first to make their name in pop music with the “Hey Jude” and “Eleanor Rigby” singles, released the single “Imagine” in 1961.

And in 1970, Michael Jackson released his “Thriller” solo single, “Imagine.”

But “Sweet,” by the Beach Girls, is arguably the greatest pop song of all time.

A group of young girls in the 1960s sing the lyrics to the song while their father is on a camping trip with his family.

The lyrics are about being lonely and having no one to call on when you’re alone, but it’s also about having a dream.

The song is still played at some local beaches.


The Clash “The Hills Have Eyes” (1970)”I am a bit of a hillbilly, but I like hills and hills.

I like the colour, I like to sit on the hill and listen to the sun, and I like mountains and mountains.”

– The Clash, about the lyrics of their song “The Boys Don’t Cry” 3.

Prince “Can’t Feel My Face” (1973)”My heart is a river, I’m a mountain, and my hands are the hands of a tree.

I could be a river or a mountain.”

– Prince, on his song “Can I Have a Little Love?”


Elvis Presley “I Just Can’t Get Enough of You” (1975)”It’s just the beginning, it’s just a dream come true.

You could say I’m in a dream, you could say the sun is shining.

That’s all I want to say.”

– Elvis Presleys song “I’ll Make You Mine” 5.

Pink Floyd “The Endless River” (1980)”Everything that we do is a dream.”

– Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut”

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