Florida Legislature to pass $5.6 billion budget to fix public schools

Florida’s legislature is expected to pass a budget Thursday that includes $5 billion to address school overcrowding.

The legislature is set to vote on a $5,857,959 budget that includes an additional $5 million to fund school health and wellness programs, as well as the expansion of the state’s Early Learning Program.

It also includes $2.7 billion in additional funding for state programs such as education and job training, and $2 billion to support community centers and community development projects.

The budget also includes a $2 million boost to the state lottery for the first time in four years, according to state officials.

The state has been struggling to address overcrowding and other challenges facing public schools, including the recent deaths of four children at an elementary school in Florida.

A similar funding boost in 2014 was used to support the hiring of a full-time superintendent.

The governor last year also pledged $1 billion to fix the state system of early childhood education.