What happened to the Pa school closure?

The school closures have been blamed on “economic reasons”, and the Government has promised to make sure there is “zero redundancies”.

Key points:The closure of three schools in Pa has been blamed by the Government on a “relatively small number of people” and is due to end next year “for good”A group of parents have rallied to keep the Pa schools open, with more than 100 signatures on a petition calling for them to stay open for the school yearThe closure has been in the news since last month, with parents of children at the Pa Schools saying they were not being allowed to attend the classes because the teachers did not want to return.

The closure, which will last until the end of the school term next year, has been condemned by the local council, and has been dubbed “the biggest threat to the health and wellbeing of Pa children in more than 30 years”.

But with the school closures expected to end at the end the year, the community has rallied to try and keep the schools open for at least the next school term.

“I have a lot of people who live on the street and who are concerned about the schools, so it’s a very emotional time for them,” Pa City Councillor Richard O’Sullivan said.

“They’ve had to deal with a very difficult situation and it’s difficult for them.”

But we’re hoping they’ll stay.

“We want them to come back.”

Mr O’Sullivans parents, who are the only ones who are able to come to school at the time, have also called for the schools to remain open until the school period is over.

“Our main concern is that if you can’t attend school, your kids can’t go to school, it’s really important that we have a school open,” he said.Mr O

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