How to avoid being a distraction while driving: Ford

A new Ford school bus that has been given a new nickname and is being used by Buffalo Public Schools is being hailed as a “super school” for its innovative school bus technology.

The school bus, which is being piloted by the Buffalo Public School District, is a version of the Ford Focus.

The bus has been renamed the Ford T-100.

“The Ford Focus is a super school bus.

It has all the latest technology that’s being put in the bus,” Buffalo Public Superintendent Bill Smith said.

The Ford T100 has been used by public schools for a variety of school purposes for the past two years.

“This is the school bus I was born to ride,” Smith said of the new school bus model.

“You get to ride this bus around the block, and you get to have fun.”

The Ford Focus, which has been nicknamed the “truck-driving school bus” and was created by Ford in 2015, is being built by Ford Motor Co. The Focus is built on a Ford Transit Connect platform, which allows for greater mobility and convenience.

The T-1000 school bus is an updated version of a Ford schoolbus used for special education.

It features a new exterior design and includes a new navigation system that can navigate through the district’s many schools.

The new Ford T10 school bus features a completely new design and is expected to be delivered by the end of the year.

Ford has spent $4.7 million on the new Ford Focus bus.

“It’s been an amazing experience.

We had the opportunity to see how they were able to create this new school system, and we’ve really been able to get the attention of our students and our parents,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said.

“I’m really looking forward to the Ford and Ford T1000 school buses that will be rolling out into Buffalo next year.”

Ford, which will be making its first school buses available in the Buffalo school district, said it is also partnering with the school district to provide its “best-in-class” transportation to schools.

“We’re committed to making sure every school has the best possible transportation for their students, and the Ford Transportation team is leading that effort to ensure that our students get the best technology they can use,” Ford said in a statement.

The announcement comes just days after the Ford Schoolbus, a Ford T9, was launched in the district.

The Schoolbus is a bus that can be used for a wide variety of transportation needs, including school, work and shopping trips.

Ford is expected continue to use its school bus for a year.

“Our focus is on making sure our students have the best transportation and that we have the tools and equipment they need to learn,” Brown said in April.

The Buffalo Public Transportation Department is a non-profit agency that provides public transportation for people of all ages.

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