How to make the perfect college-radio podcast and listen to it while driving

TechRadars senior editor Dan Wiesenthal is a certified automotive mechanic, and he has some great advice for people who are trying to make their way through college radio: make the right choices.

He says that if you have any college radio experience at all, you should look for a career where you have a clear role in the production and marketing of the podcast.

He says the job should be something that’s directly related to the industry in which you’re working, and not just an afterthought to the actual content.

For example, he says, if you’re a podcast listener who’s worked in marketing, he or she might find a more appropriate role in radio production.

I know that there’s a lot of podcasts out there, but they’re not necessarily good enough for the job they’re doing.

So you need to go for a show that’s the kind of show that you’re into, and I would recommend that you start with the first two seasons of the radio show, and then pick a couple more years to add to your résumé.

So it’s not a hard decision, but if you’ve got a ton of experience and know what you’re doing, it’s definitely worth the effort.

Dan also has some advice for anyone who’s just starting out in radio: be honest about your goals, so that you don’t get bogged down in the fact that you just can’t do it.

I know that you can’t make your college radio dream come true if you don, and that’s okay.

You can do it, but you can do better.

Dan’s advice is especially important if you plan on attending a radio school.

He recommends that you study for at least two years before deciding whether to attend, and recommends that anyone considering attending a school be prepared to answer a few questions.

He also suggests that you look for some form of a community service, like volunteering at a food pantry, or donating money to charity, or helping out at a local library.

He also recommends that if your dream job involves going to a college radio station, it probably means you don and probably should not go to college radio.

But the biggest takeaway from Dan’s guide to making the perfect radio show is that it’s better to be a good listener, not a great one.

If you’re still not sure what kind of career you want, you might want to consider taking a look at what, which lists all the best radio podcasts out on the web.

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