What are the implications for the Northern Territory?

The NT Government’s first budget will include $8.7 billion for health, education and housing over the next five years.

This includes $1.2 billion for the NT Health Authority, and $1 billion for a new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Health Minister Rob Hargreaves said the NT Government would be investing more than $3 billion in health care in the next six years.

Mr Hargresans first budget included $1 million to support the NT Regional Health Authority.

Health Minister Ian Hunter said the $1,000 a week subsidy for low income households would be rolled out in the first year.

“The NT Regional Government will invest an additional $1bn in regional health services to help tackle the challenges of regional deprivation, and will deliver the health and wellbeing services that the NT has long-term needs,” Mr Hunter said.

NT Health Minister Rod Culver said NT Health would be increasing the funding it provides for disability and long-standing illness.

“NT Health will invest $1billion to ensure the NT is on par with the best performing regions,” Mr Culver told ABC News Breakfast.

“We will deliver these services through a robust National Disability Guarantee (NDG) to help ensure that everyone gets the right support.”

Mr Hunter was also expected to announce a new NT-wide health service delivery strategy in a speech on Tuesday.

NT Regional health minister Rod Culv (right) says NT Health will be investing $1billion in regional healthcare over the first five years, including $1B in the NDIS.

(ABC News) The NT Health plan includes the creation of NT Health Regional Regional Services, a national service for the region, with a new regional chief executive and regional chief financial officer.

Mr Culv said the Regional Health plan would be delivered within six months of his announcement.

NT Premier Adrian Piccoli said the budget would also include $1 trillion for the health sector.

He said the government would be building the NT’s new $2.5 billion health system.

“I think we’re at the tipping point where we’ve got to start putting our money where our mouth is,” Mr Piccolisaid.

“So the priority of this budget is to ensure that we’ve put that money into the health system.”

Health Minister Howard Gill said the Government would invest $500 million in a new disability and mental health strategy.

The NT Disability and Mental Health Strategy was announced by Health Minister Wayne Barnes in July.

He told the NT Parliament that NT would create a National Disability Assistance Scheme for those on low incomes who were on the lowest income of their income bracket.

NT Government Minister Wayne Hargrews second budget was announced last week.

He was also to deliver a national Disability and Disability Health Strategy for 2018-19.

Mr Gill said he expected the NT to have the highest unemployment rate in the country and that the Government was working hard to attract people into the workforce.

Mr Gilbert said the first $1m would be spent on social care and mental healthcare, and that more than half of the NT population was in low-income housing.

“That’s why the Government’s committed to investing $3.6 billion to ensure people are living in the NT,” he said.

“In terms of education and training, we’ll invest an extra $2 billion to get more people into those jobs, and we’re also committed to doubling the number of teachers we’ve hired.”

Mr Gilbert says the NT will spend $1-$2 billion more on health and welfare over the coming five years in order to provide a better quality of life.

“Our health system will be able to provide the best care possible, but we’re committed to building the best health system in the world,” he added.

Mr Hunter told the ABC he had asked the NT Premier to provide funding for a mental health support network to help people cope with their mental health issues.

“This is an important priority,” he told the program.

“My job is to make sure that this Government is delivering the health care and social care services that are best for the people of the Northern Territories.”

NT Government says new NT Regional Development Agency will fund housing for regional residents, including new housing for Aboriginal people in remote areas.

The Government says NT Regional and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Howard Gilbert is expected to deliver his budget on Tuesday, but the National Disability Scheme will not be introduced until 2021.

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