When will schools get the first Bachelors degrees?

The first bachelor’s degree is expected to arrive in 2019.

It’s a significant step in the development of Australians, but it also represents an opportunity to improve access to higher education for all Australians.

Key points:Education Minister Peter Garrett says the first Bachelor’s degree will be awarded in 2019Students in the country’s most popular school districts will be the first to receive their first Bachelor degreeThis is not a guarantee, but is a first step in helping students become independent graduatesA Bachelor’s is the most widely awarded undergraduate degree in Australia and the first in the world.

In 2019, a Bachelor’s will be granted to anyone who successfully completes a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science.

But the first degree will not be awarded to students who only complete a Bachelor.

It is expected that all students will receive the Bachelor’s in 2019, but students who are already enrolled in a Bachelor program at their school will not have to wait until after they are enrolled in their next course of study.

This is a key difference from the first bachelor degree awarded to the public in the United States in 2007, which was awarded to anyone enrolled in at least one Bachelor program.

At the time, the Federal Government argued that this was a step towards equality and inclusion.

The announcement comes after the Federal government announced a $100 million funding injection for more than 2,000 public schools.

It was announced at the first meeting of the Victorian Government’s National Education Strategy.

The new funding will allow for the establishment of more than 600 new public schools, including schools that are not already accredited by the Australian Education Standards (AES) Commission, which is responsible for accreditation for all Victorian schools.

The $100m will be dedicated to improving education access for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It will also help the state to establish a National College of Education (NCE) to support students who do not attend the primary school level.

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